I have collected played and worked on guitars for no less than 19 years. I made a living off of buying and selling vintage stringed instruments, and amplifiers. Some of my clients have included Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jeff Beck, Bob Dylan, George Gruhn, and so many more that I have been blessed to know and provide instruments for.

I have personally owned close to 1,000 guitars in my life. I recently was recommended to try a set of Tone Rockets strings, and I must say that from the moment I played the first note there was a difference. When you have been around the industry as long as I you notice the subtle, and the obvious differences.

These strings ring truer than any I have yet to use. The tone quality, the feel and playability is flawless. Now I know there will be skeptics, but I challenge you to try this product. Until something better comes along I am sold on The String Dog experience.

Hats off to Nate and the boys at String Dog.

Domenico Pace

I'm on the road and appreciate the strings break in quickly. Important to me, thanks again.

S.G. - Hertfordshire, UK

I have been playing guitar professionally for over 20 Years. I have tried every string on the Market in that time frame. Tone Rockets are superior to every product out there. I ordered a box and they were at my front door in two Days. The Tone, Value, Service and string extras are beyond comparison. They are simply the best sounding strings on the market hands down!

B. D. S. – Chesapeake, Virginia

Vi sono produtti di qualità buono ringraziamento e fortuna lei" Transalation: "You have quality products, I wanted to thank you and wish you good fortune.

L.D. - Milan, Italy

The tone rockets I find to be of high quality, I will buy again.

T.M. - Finland

Your service is only surpassed by the great sounding strings. Can't wait to see what else you guys do.

R.J. - Ontario, Canada

I like your Rockets, they stay in tune.

K.S. - Yokohama, Japan

I vote Tone Rockets as My FAVORITE String... My favorite range is the 10-46 in electric although I do use 9's sometimes on my Strats.

S.G. - Rochester, NY